“turtles on parade”

martin co. council of the arts
stuart, florida

e v e n t s     g a l l e r y

“vienna fall”

a play on words for the acknowledged concept

of the city’s melancholy mood in during the fall...

for the hernalser stadt theater

vienna, austria

catskill festival of the arts

colored water tubes

oneonta, new york

agora 1983

outdoor sculpture installation

month long event

for the arena 2000 organization

vienna, austria

“largest salad in the world”

3 vegetable costumes

for the promotional event

under the st. louis arch


first national bank

st.louis, missouri

“human beings in fantasy”

300 life-size figures

part of an international team of artists

casting famous people

& imaginary figures

for the city of vienna annual festival

vienna, austria

“cosmic dance”

1000 suspended figures

benefit at the

armory art center

west palm beach, florida

“art is everywhere tour”

my house

martin co. council of the arts

our wedding

january 1, 2008

nadia & josef utto

on jupiter island beach, florida

e v e n t s     g a l l e r y 

“art - hear” event

cast resin forms with content,

suspended over the audience at an an ‘art happening’ of musicians & artists.

the work was illustrated in a newspaper cartoon satirizing some aspects  of the event