d i s p l a y    d e s i g n


d i s p l a y    d e s i g n


American Society of Landscape Architecture Convention



                     becker holding corporation

20x20 booth design and fabrication

- centerpiece: 20’ oak tree w/video monitors

- square pattern floor of living grass & concrete blocks

- each corner  - a triangular form & side fence elements

                     - represented different aspect of business

                     - photographs of the particular aspect

                     - company logo  printed on 8 ceramic tiles



    - 20’ live oak tree

    - octagonal wood center platform with storage

        - with video monitors

        - photographs highlighting the company divisions

        - stools in company colors



high end community landscape

styrofoam w/ polymer modified cement


nursery facilities

wood panels with painted silhouettes of species


caribbean resort landscaping

wood, with siding & picket fence and metal roof


tree farm

acrylic triangle form filled with local earth strata

  & highlighting company’s special tree support system

saks fifth avenue

palm beach gardens, florida

christmas display design & fabrication in the main entrance / jewelry atrium

5  masonite trees painted with “sugar-glazed” fruits/garlands &  hundreds of lights lit within

dolphin & shakespeare

part of an artist team who cast these aluminum sculptures under the motto of “recycled aluminum”

for Anheiser Busch and the Busch Gardens in tampa, fl & williamsburg, va respectively